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Peripheral Autonomic Neuropathy

When a stimulus causes backward nerve transmission, vasodilation of the innervated blood vessels occurs; this is the axon reflex, also referred to as the flare response. An impaired axon reflex indicates peripheral neuropathy. In practical terms, when skin is heated (by using the moorVMS-HEAT) or iontophoresed (by using the MIC2) with acetylcholine over a well defined area, microvascular blood flow also increases in the surrounding skin (as well as at the site stimulated). Laser Doppler monitoring (moorVMS-LDF) is used to assess the magnitude and time course of the vasodilation, and additional information on the flare area can be obtained with laser Doppler (moorLDI2) and Speckle imaging (moorFLPI-2).

Equipment recommendations

The moorFLPI-2 with high speed and spatial resolution is the system of choice, coupled with MIC2 iontophoresis and ION6 chambers + CAP.

What's next?

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and to request your copy of our free Application Note which includes a detailed experimental method and practical suggestions. We also offer no obligation on-site visits so you can test the equipment in your facility.


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